Classical Music Night in Cairo: Korsakov’s ‘Scheherazade’ (Jan 22nd)

Tonight we revive an old tradition in Pen Temple Pilots, first pioneered by our friend Sherif Lotfy: the classical music appreciation tradition.
We will start with Korsakov’s timeless masterpieces, Scheherazade, which will take us right into the old pages of One Thousand and One Nights.

Come enjoy the tales of The Sea & Sindbad’s Ship; The Kalendar Prince; The Young Prince & the Young Princess and the Festival at Baghdad

Receiving the UNAIDS Certificate of Appreciation: Prize for Promoting Awareness

Today, I received the UNAISD certificate of appreciation for the year 2008 in the name of my cultural group, Pen Temple Pilots; for our efforts in promoting culture in Egypt through our activities. The celebration took place at Sakiat El Sawy in Cairo.

Last month, I organized a cultural tour in Historic Cairo for UNAIDS, and all the participants came dressed in the UN World AIDS Campaign’s t-shirts and caps. During the walk, we distributed hundreds of flyers and educated the public about HIV/AIDS. Many Egyptians feel uneasy (or even afraid) when the word is mentioned, and some even ignore the causes and the symptoms. People needed to know (and still need to know) that HIV/AIDS exists, and will not simply vanish if we ignore it!