Lecture on Caravaggio in Cairo: The Anti-Christ of Painting (May 20th)

Tonight I give a lecture at El Kotobkhan (Maadi) about my favorite artist of the Baroque era, the genius troublemaker whose life is chronicled through endless police records! From one fight to the next, the dark master of Baroque not only showed disrespect for Renaissance masters like Raphael, but also secularized religious painting to a blasphemous extent (for his time): saints with dirty fingernails, the Virgin Mary in sensual postures and a chubby Jesus Christ at Emmaus, these are just a few examples.

Caravaggio is the name of the brilliant tenebrism master who died young (killed at the age of 37) after a life full of scandals and adventures, the one and only antichrist of painting as once deemed by art historians.