Lecture on Mahmoud Said in Cairo: The Paintbrush of Alexandria (Jul 9th)

“That spit was the best appreciation I ever got for my art…” – Mahmoud Said (commenting on the reaction of a simple man who spat on a painting of his because the nudity of the woman portrayed aroused him).

Mahmoud Said was an exceptional modern artist whose themes were as diverse as the facets of Alexandria at the turn of the century: From the elegant ballroom dance to the popular bellydancer with takht (band), and from the erotic nudes to the whirling dervishes zikr circles…his sculpted figures and theatrical settings are complemented by the hues of his city: blues and browns.

Tonight I will be giving a lecture about this great Egyptian painter for Pen Temple Pilots. Like all my other lectures, it is open for public and free of charge.

2 thoughts on “Lecture on Mahmoud Said in Cairo: The Paintbrush of Alexandria (Jul 9th)

  1. Hello:
    Thank you for the info.
    I am really interested in Said’s work, only read English and am trying to gather as much info on him and his work as possible. Do you have a bibliography by any chance? I love that he did erotic paintings.
    Lindiwe Krasin

    • Apologies for the late reply! I have been very busy following the situation back home (in Egypt). Sadly, I only have Arabic books about Said, but I will let you know if I come across something good in English.
      Thanks for your interest and your feedback.

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