My 3rd Article in El Legado Andalusí: Damascus, Paradise of the Orient

An article of mine about Damascus has been published.

This city, being one of my favorite cities in the world, is simply a treat for the senses, all the senses. From the peaceful ambiance of the Umayyad Mosque to the relaxing vapor of an old hamam, and from the noise of the bazaars to the seclusion of an old Ottoman house, one comes to remember that this city has it all when one indulges in the inevitable gastronomical experience that Damascus presents.

You can read the entire magazine (including my article) in Spanish at:

You can read the Arabic translation for parts of the article at:

Tertulia Gathering in Barcelona: Dada Poetry & More

Today I organized a tertulia session for my colleagues at Els Quatre Gats.

Els Qautre Gats was inaugurated in 1897 by Pere Romeu and others, inspired by Le Chat Noir Cabaret in Paris (1881-1897). It was popular with intellectuals and artists like Antoni Gaudí¬, Pablo Picasso, Isaac Albéniz, Ramon Casas, Santiago Rusiñol, Rubén Darí¬o, and other celebrities. This is where the young Picasso had his first exhibition in 1900, and were several masterpieces of Modernist art hung over the walls.

Being part of a multicultural class studying culture, it is only logical that we try to revive the tertulia tradition by gathering to share our creative works like poems, short stories, paintings, sketches, designs, photos, all that is art and culture. During the tertulia, we worked together on creating a dada poem, among other things.