My 4th Article in El Legado Andalusí: Samarkand, at the heart of the Silk Road

Today a new article of mine was published, this time about Samarkand, a city that I visited during my Silk Road Trip back in 2006.

Tamerlane made Samarkand his capital in 1371, brought architects and artisans from all over the world, and reportedly used ninety elephants from India to build glory. His descendents founded the splendid madrasas at the Registan Complex and turned Samarkand into a learning centre. Strolling through the city is like flying in a blue dream…a dream of fluted, tiled domes, monumental portals, impressive facades and medieval bazaars where every craft under the sun is on show.

You can read the entire magazine (including my article) in Spanish at:

You can read the Arabic translation for parts of the article at:

Exhibition Opening in Barcelona: Zoona – Xavi Molina (Apr 15th)

Today is the opening of an art exhibition that I helped in organizing as part of my collaboration with Drap Art, an NGO that promotes creative recycling in its many facets since 1995:

Xavi Molina, Zoona

Opening on Thursday the 15th of April at 8pm.
Exhibition open to the public from the 16th of April to the 15th of May 2010

Seas of cement, textures resembling the erosion of the Earth, colours of Nature, the blues of the profoundness of the seas, ochre of the soil, … transport us back to remote times, modern Art that takes us to pure nature. New resources of painting that move us towards that which is most primitive.
The works shown in this exhibition are all works of constant artistic investigation that allow us to come to these sensations, to this vision.

Detail of A Penguin in Africa
197 x 130 cm.
M80, natural pigments and oil paint on canvas.