Lecture on al-Andalus in Cairo: Andalusi Intellectuals in the Orient (Sep 14th)

From the austerity of al-Sustari to the encyclopedic mind of Ibn Maymoun (Maimonides), and from the dedication of Ibn al-Baitar to the bravery of al-Tutrusi and all the way through the magnificence of Ibn Arabi and the piety of Abu l-Abbas al-Mursi, we set on a journey of passion, tracing the footsteps of these great figures that left al-Andalus and settled in Egypt and Syria.

You can read or download the entire presentation (pdf) in Arabic at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Pen_Temple_Pilots/message/23621

Cause-Related Storytelling Walk in Cairo: Cairo Gate to Gate (Sep 5th)

Today I conducted a Storytelling Walk for Pen Temple Pilots and Discover the Moment communities, a cause-related walk that yielded 3,850 pounds in donations for the National Cancer Institute. Many thanks to all 70+ attendees.

From Bab Zuweila in the south to Bab al Fotouh and Bab al Nasr in the north (all from the XI century), it was a beautiful night in which we covered Historic Cairo from Gate to Gate. Bab Zuweila carries the name of a berber tribe that lived by the gate in Fatimid times, while Bab al Fotouh was the gate through which the army left for any battle. The army, upon returning victorious, would enter by Bab al Nasr. These gates were all built in the X century, but were reinforced and remodeled under Badr al-Din al-Gamali who came from Syria to help the Fatimid Caliph al-Mustansir squash the army’s rebellion. His arrival marker the beginning of a period marker by the power of the viziers.