Griffiti and the Revolution: Art and the Beast

Unlike ‘academic’ and ‘formal’ art, graffiti is the one form of visual art that responds to social, political and cultural events faster than any other art form. It remains to be considered illegal and deemed ‘vandalism’ when, in fact, it’s one of the best examples on cultural activism during periods of political unrest, and the Egyptian graffiti scene is a perfect example, fresh, crisp, witty and spontaneous.

Graffiti works assume a strategic importance for the Egyptian Revolution, sending visual messages that became iconic of the revolutionary spirit in the country, and capturing snapshots of a quick succession of events in a way that immortalizes certain moments in the collective memory.

A revolution is not just what happens down the streets…a revolution must happen in people’s minds first. Art is not just a tool to express or document the revolution…art, in itself, is a revolution.

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