Lecture about the Egyptian Revolution: The Role of Women (Feb 6th)

Voy a dar una charla sobre el papel de las mujeres en la revolución egipcia (y la primavera árabe en general) este lunes, el 6 de febrero. Póster adjunto.
Dirección: C/ Mare de Déu del Pilar 15, Barcelona.

I will be giving a lecture on the role of women in the Egyptian Revolution (and the Arab Spring in general) this Monday, 6 February. Poster attached.
Address: 15 Mare de Deu del Pilar Street, Barcelona.

One thought on “Lecture about the Egyptian Revolution: The Role of Women (Feb 6th)

  1. Some of the questions that I received during my lecture on ‘The Role of Women in the Egyptian Revolution’. Feel free to reflect:
    – How come Egyptian women ended up with a 2% representation it the new Parliament following the revolution?
    – Is beating female demonstrators and activists part of a psychological warfare practiced by the state against the revolutionaries?
    – Since young women in Egypt usually live with their families till they get married, to what extent do families prevent their daughters from joining the demonstrations?
    – Why is polygamy still permitted when it’s criminalized in another Arab country (Tunisia) and when it goes against women’s rights?
    – What are the chances for a civil war in Egypt?
    – What plan do the Islamists have to resuscitate the economy? What credibility do they have?

    I would like to thank all those who attended, and I will not ‘impose’ my personal opinion here.

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