It’s a happy day for Christie’s: Miró and Moore break records

It’s a happy day for Christie’s, for they managed to sell a Joan Miró for a record price, and so they did with a Henry Moore sculpture.

Joan Miró’s ‘le corps de ma brune’ sold for $ 26.6 million. The 1925 painting is part free-form painting and part poetry, in a way reminiscent of Dadaism and influenced by surrealism.

Henry Moore’s ‘Reclining Figure: Festival’ is an abstract cast bronze statue of a reclining woman, one of the masterpieces by the British artist. It sold for $ 30 million.

Moreover, three paintings from the collection of Elizabeth Taylor were sold for $ 22 million: a Van Gogh landscape, another by Pissarro, and a Degas self-portrait.

Tomorrow marks the last day in Christie’s ‘Art of the Surreal’ and ‘Impressinist and Modern Art’ auction nights (7 – 9 February 2012).

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