Carl Sagan’s ‘Cosmos’ – III: In Alexandria, Luxor and Qena

“It is probably here (in Alexandria) that the word cosmopolitan realized its true meaning.” – Carl Sagan

To me as Egyptian, one thing is to admire Carl Sagan for the great scientist (and person) that he way, and another thing is to see him walking the streets of my country, explaining the glorious history of the Bibliotheca of Alexandria or the journey of Champollion to the Temples of Dendara and Karnak on his quest to decode the hieroglyphs.

Apart from the ‘emotional’ value of these scenes, they also carry a ‘documentary’ value (they are from 1980, and show an interesting social and urban fabric).

You can watch him in Alexandria at the following link (minute 38:00 for a few minutes):

And at Qena, Luxor and other places in Upper Egypt (minute 12:18 to 28:15):

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