My Art Appreciation Course in Barcelona (Jul 2012)

This is the teaser for my upcoming Art Appreciation Course, scheduled for next month (July 2012) in Barcelona. Here is something to give you an idea about the kind of topics that we will touch on:

How can we communicate with a work of art?
What is the difference in art history between schools, movements, phases and styles?
What are the major art theories? How do they respond to the evolution of art over time?
Why is the Renaissance such a huge turning point in the history of art?
What is the Post-Medium Condition? How is it different from Post-Minimalism?
How does contemporary art embody the debate on the banalization of culture?
What is so groundbreaking about the works of Ai Weiwei, Santiago Sierra, Voina and other contemporary artists?

Stay tuned, I will be announcing the details soon on my blog.

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