My 9th article in Ahram Online: Egypt’s Extraterrestrial Heritage

This is an article about Egypt’s Meteorite Heritage, a heritage subject to systematic looting and vandalism.

A problem arises, however, because many people fail to see why we should celebrate meteorites and craters as heritage in the first place. What heritage values are there in an alien body hitting a spot in our desert and leaving a scar? How can we classify this heritage? Why and how should we protect it? Here is the full story:

2 thoughts on “My 9th article in Ahram Online: Egypt’s Extraterrestrial Heritage

  1. Dear Camel,
    Nice article from a passionate expert. But it raises a couple of sad thoughts:
    1. Sadly, many of us lack the appreciation of even the well-known instances of heritage that are right in front of us, starting from our dear pyramids, and all the way through other dear monuments; let alone natural things hidden deep inside the deserts, where people would believe that there’s absolutely nothing there (judging by their usual material criteria). We have a loooong way of awareness and education to go before we reach the deserved appreciation for the endless treasures we have.
    2. From the other hand, spreading awareness is a double-edged weapon. It’s true that telling people about these hidden treasures may raise interest to preserve them; but it also raises interest to exploit them. And we, Mankind, have a notorious history of damaging any piece of pristine beauty, in a wide variety of ways. I’m afraid as we speak, some people are in a 4×4 heading to Gebel Kamil to collect whatever they can carry from there.

    It’s not an easy job, my friend… this is why we need passionate expert like you 🙂

    • Thank you for this valuable feedback my friend, I actually share your concern. Speaking of that, many meteorite collector communities are already looting fragments from the Kamil Crater and you can buy them online, so, sadly, the damage is done already.
      In an effort to protect the area, it was declared as a natural park, but I doubt if any true attention will be given to protecting it, given its remoteness and given the political instability in Egypt. Protecting a crater -for the current regime- is anything but priority.

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