30 Self-Portraits: From Van Eyck to Warhol

This is a collection of around 30 self-portraits by some of the most famous painters in history.
Portrait painting has always been one of my favorite genres, but it becomes even more interesting when it comes to self-portraits because the message becomes personalized and more intense: the artist tells us exactly what he/she wants us to know about him/her through the painting.

Rembrandt was possibly the one painter that produced the largest number of self-portraits ever, a man ‘obsessed with his own image’ as some historians once put it (in fact, I think it was more of a visual diary than an obsession). Nevertheless, long before Rembrandt, Albrecht Dürer had already set a trend through a multitude of self-portraits, and his Christ-like self-portrait remains to be one of the most famous in history.

From the intensity of Jan van Eyck’s portrait with a red turban to the casual look of Kirchner and his model, this is a short journey in time to meet some of the most celebrated figures of art history.

Featured artists:
Andy Warhol (Pop Art),
Albrecht Dürer (Northern Renaissance),
Beckmann (Expressionism),
Botticelli (Quattrocento, Renaissance),
Caravaggio (Baroque),
Cezanne (Post-Impressionism),
Chagall (Modernism, Surrealism),
Courbet (Realism),
Da Vinci (High Renaissance),
Dalí (Surrealism),
Delacroix (Romanticism),
Edvard Munch (Expressionism),
Egon Schiele (Expressionism),
El Greco (Mannerism),
Fragonard (Rococo),
Francis Bacon,
Frida Kalho (Surrealism),
Goya (Realism / Neoclassical),
Gustave Moreau (Symbolism),
Henri Matisse (Fauvism),
Jacques-Louis David (Neoclassical),
Jan van Eyck (Northern Renaissance),
Joan Miró (Surrealism),
Kirchner (Expressionism),
Lautrec (Post-Impressionism),
Lucian Freud,
Manet (Impressionism),
Pablo Picasso (Cubism),
Paul Gauguin (Post-Impressionism),
Peter Paul Rubens (Baroque),
Raphael (High Renaissance),
Rembrandt (Baroque),
Titian (Venetian School, Renaissance),
Van Gogh (Post-Impressionism),
Velázquez (Baroque).

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