Mistreating Michelangelo’s Masterpieces

The Popes pushed on him, commissioned him to laborious projects in the Sistine Chapel among other places. It took him so many years and consumed him to the extent that he told his brother: “I have no friends and I want none”

His masterpiece, “David”, was welcomed with stones thrown at it by the public, and was repeatedly targeted by any rioters in Florence, which broke its arms in 3 pieces!

After Michelangelo died, his friend and student, Daniele da Volterra, was commissioned by the Pope to “cover the genitals of all the figures painted by Michelangelo” in the Sistine Chapel because the Church saw that it was “improper” to have naked saints and prophets in a church.

Later on, Caravaggio (Italian Baroque Painter) openly declared his hate and disrespect for Michelangelo among others, accusing him of “spoiling art with his divine rendering of saints and prophets”.

Like the case with Da Vinci’s Last Supper, Michelangelo’s Last Judgment was severely affected by the herds of tourists and the layers of soot and smoke formed by candles and dust. A restoration of the ceiling shocked viewers with bright colors that were concealed by a stupid application of varnish by earlier restorers.

So how did Michelangelo handle the pressure in his lifetime?
Well, as he said: “Genius, is eternal patience!”

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