Announcing my Art Course in Cairo: Immortal Masterpieces

To my friends in Egypt,

Mark your calendars! I will be giving a crash course over 2 sessions in December when I’m in Cairo.
It’s an art course titled ‘Immortal Masterpieces’, presenting 50 artworks from different periods and styles from Prehistory to Modern Art …
Fifty masterpieces with very interesting stories behind them…
Fifty masterpieces that you must know if you have the slightest interest in art and culture.

Venus of Willendorf, Winged Victory, Shiva as the Lord of the Dance, The Gates of Paradise, Guernica…these are just some of the incredible companions that you will have throughout the course.

Date : 25 and 26 December 2012
Time : 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Venue : To be announced
Fee : EGP 300
Included : Handouts / Printed material
Speaker : I hold an MA in Art and Cultural Management, and I have a long experience in teaching art and culture in Egypt, Spain and, recently, Ukraine. I’m currently a Ph.D. candidate in cultural management.

This is an incredible chance to acquire a profound understanding of art history and get acquainted with history’s most incredible artworks. You need no background whatsoever to attend and enjoy this course.

For reservations / inquiries, please contact me via email:

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