Published: A walk around Sudan’s Nubian Pyramids

“Clearly visible from the Khartoum-Atbara highway, the pyramids of the Royal Cemetery of Meroe stand alone on a sandy ridge like a row of broken teeth.” – Paul Clammer

Excerpts from my travel account of the Sudan trip were published by Ahram Online yesterday in the form of an article (the first of three articles), in which I talk about the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Meroë, the last Kushite capital where I came face to face with tens of Nubian pyramids.
Here is the link to the article:

As I once mentioned, Sudan has over 200 pyramids, spread over the sites of Meroë, El Kurru, Nuri and Gebel Barkal. More on the issue in other articles.

Meroe 10Meroe 7

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