Published: Napata, Land of the Black Pharaohs

There was a time when Egypt was ruled by Black Pharaohs (from the Nubian part of present-day Sudan). These pharaohs founded the Twenty-fifth Dynasty, which managed to reunite Egypt following a period of political chaos, before finally retreating against the advance of the Assyrians.

Everyone knows Tutankhamen, Akhenaton and Ramesses II, but names like Piankhi and Taharqa definitely deserve to be known. My new article in Ahram Online is the second of three articles about the Nubian Pyramids and the Black Pharaohs, this time with a focus on the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Gebel al-Barkal and Napata. Here is the link for the full article:

Jebel BarkalColumn crowned with Hathor - Jebel BarkalBarkal Pyramids 4

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