The Fifth Mutation of the Book: From Gilgamesh to E-Literature

“We must learn how to borrow light from the blind!” – Excerpt from the Epic of Gilgamesh

The Epic of Gilgamesh was the first ‘literary’ work in recorded history, recorded on clay tablets. Thirty-five centuries after, the book lives its fifth ‘mutation’ as it converts into the digital format (after the tablet format, the papyrus, the parchment, and the printed book, born with Gutenberg) and confronts a technological big bang incited by a spectacular competitive scene.

The war between three colossi (titans) of the digital culture world accelerated the evolution and the development of the printed and the digital book business, and the consequences are revolutionizing the publishing model: Amazon, Google and Apples (AGA), are three of the most important global companies at the vanguard of changing the mode of spreading and acquiring knowledge and in changing cultural consumption and habits…a duel in the cyberspace with repercussions on the ground, where the current conquest is not for a territory, but rather for a language, the Spanish language, with a potential 500 million readers.

PS. The text above is adapted from an article in El Pais by Javier Celaya

Now, I leave you with more excerpts from the Epic of Gilgamesh:

“Words are flung out in the air
But stay motionless without an answer
Hovering about one’s lips
Or arguing back to haunt the memory
With what one failed to say
Until one learns acceptance of silence”


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