Pedro Páramo: Juan Rulfo’s Masterpiece

“No one knows better than I how far heaven is, but I also know all the shortcuts. The secret is to die, God willing, when you want to.”

Juan Rulfo is a name you need to know if you like literature, great literature!
Imagine this, all his life this Mexican author wrote less than 300 pages, two novels, and yet, he is considered one of the greatest Latin American writers ever, and one of his two novels, titled Pedro Páramo, is classified as one of the greatest literary works in the twentieth century!

Gabriel García Márquez once said that this novel is the one novel he would have loved to write himself, he wish it were his. The influence of Juan Rulfo on Márquez and all other Magical Realism writers is incredible.

Spoiler Warning

I just finished reading Pedro Páramo, a haunting novel about a man whose dying mother asks him to go visit his father in a remote Mexican village. He goes to the village to look for his father, asks all around the village for him, till he eventually realizes that his father and everyone he talks to in the village are actually dead people. Time does not exist in the village, and hence the nonlinear sequence. The dead do not lie or cheat because they do not have to, so, they only speak their essence. I leave with one more paragraph from the novel, and I strongly recommend that you read it.

“It was a long time till dawn. The sky was filled with fat stars, swollen from the long night. The moon had risen briefly and then slipped out of sight. It was one of these sad moons that no one looks at or pays attention to. It had hung there a while, misshapen, not shedding any light, and then gone to hide behind the hills.”


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