Strange kind of Love: Art, Sex & She-goats

Pan and the She-GoatHaving sex with animals is a repulsive idea (to say the least!), but it becomes a whole different story when it involves an animal and a mythical Greek creature, and it becomes even ‘artistic’ when captured in sculpture. Such is the case with Pan, half-man half-goat, having sex with a nanny goat. He may be the god of the shepherds; he may be very ugly to the extent that he horrified his own mother, but the she-goat seems ok with it.

The Roman marble sculpture that once adorned a garden in Herculaneum (before Vesuvius erupted in the year 79 AD) is one of hundreds of pieces and artifacts on show as part of “Life and Death in Pompeii and Herculaneum” Exhibition at the British Museum, already a hit with critics ad visitors.

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