The Oriental Fusion of Nasser Ovissi

“My work is dedicated to the beauty of life and I hope those who experience my work will walk away with an aesthetic experience.” – Nasser Ovissi

Nasser Ovissi has been described, among other things, as a post-modernist. His artwork would definitely give that impression. Winner of the Gold Medal in Venice Biennale in 1979, the US-based Iranian artist would appear on any “who’s who” of Oriental Art, even though to describe his art as ‘oriental’ would be too limiting.

Using obvious oriental motives, he tosses his girls, horses, pomegranates and lutes into a dreamlike hybrid whole reminiscent –in shape and color- of the work of the likes of Odilon Redon. The unmistakable Persian imprint is sometimes further accentuated through the use of calligraphy, and most of his paintings, with a seemingly common subject matter, acquire an abstraction that lends them an air of Middle Eastern epic tales.

Enjoy this collection of his artwork:

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