My Art Course in Cairo: Prehistoric & Ancient Egyptian Art (7 Aug)

Course Title:
Masterpieces of Prehistoric & Ancient Egyptian Art

Date & Time:
Thursday, 7 August 2014 – 8:00 pm (2.5 hours)

33 A, al-Meqias Street, Roda, Manial. 4th floor, apt. 9.

Long before the dynastic period in Ancient Egypt, extraordinary manifestations of artistic genius and exceptional craftsmanship abounded in different sites along the Nile Valley from the Delta and all the way to the cataracts and beyond. One cannot possibly fully appreciate the art of Ancient Egypt without understanding its direct precursor(s), specially the Neolithic Cultures of Badari, Omari, Naqada, and others.
The course explores a succession of cultures and styles through masterpieces of both Prehistoric Egyptian Art and Ancient Egyptian Art, with a focus on painting, sculpture, ceramics and jewelry. From the Bird Lady of Naqada to the painted Tomb-Chapel of Nebamun, these masterpieces will form the backdrop for some fascinating stories and little known facts about art and life in Ancient Egypt.

EGP 300 / Person.
The fees include handouts/readings that will be distributed to the participants. They do not include hard or soft copies of the PowerPoint Presentation.
Audio and video recording are not allowed.

Deadline for reservation/cancellation:
31 July 2014 (If all places are reserved prior to that date, I will announce it).
Please reserve only if you are 100% sure you would attend.

Mohammed Elrazzaz is Professor of Tools for Managing Culture at the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (UIC), Barcelona, since 2010. He holds an MA in Arts & Cultural Management from the same university, and he has a vast experience in the field as founder-moderator of Pen Temple Pilots (2002-2012). He is currently a PhD candidate (Cultural Heritage).

This course is not dedicated to architecture. If you expect a discussion on ‘how the pyramids were built?’, then this is not the course for you. No background whatsoever is necessary for attending this course.

Reservations & Further Inquiries:


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