Munch: Three Paintings, Three Quotes

‎“I was out walking with two Friends –the sun began to set- suddenly the sky turned blood-‎red –I paused, feeling exhausted, and there I still stood, trembling with fear –and I sensed an ‎endless scream passing through Nature.” – Edvard Munch on The Scream

The Scream by Edvard Munch, 1893

‎“The passers-by were all giving him strange and peculiar looks and he could sense them ‎looking at him –staring at him- all those faces –pale in the evening light- he tried to cling to ‎some thought, but failed –he had a sense of there being nothing inside his head but ‎emptiness –and then he tried to fix his gaze on s window far up above –and once again the ‎passers-by got in his way –he was trembling from tip to toe and breaking out in sweat.” – ‎Edvard Munch on Evening on Karl Johan

Evening on Karl Johan

‎“All the tenderness in the world is in your face –Moonlight passes across it- Your lips crimson ‎as the fruit that is to come part as if in pain. The smile of a corpse. Your face is full of the ‎beauty and the pain in the world, because Death and Life are joining hands and the chain that ‎links the thousands of generations of the dead with the thousands of generations yet to be ‎born is connected.” – Edvard Munch on Madonna


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