Course in Cairo: Mediterranean Cultural Heritage (28 Dec. 2015)

This is to announce my next course, taking place in Cairo on the 28th of December 2015:‎

Course Title: Mediterranean Cultural Heritage

Course Language: Arabic (slides in English) ‎

Venue & Date: 33 A Meqias al-Roda Street, 4th floor apt. 9. – Monday, 28 December 2015‎

Duration: 3 hours (7:30pm – 10:30pm)‎

Course Description:‎
From ancestral knowledge, prehistoric rock art and Bronze Age temples to classical Greek ‎drama and Roman architectural wonders; from medieval epic poems and elaborate crafts to ‎fantastic underwater worlds, this course is exceptional both in content and in scope, as it ‎offers a fairly comprehensive mosaic of the Mediterranean cultural heritage with all its ‎diversity and richness.‎
It is a journey across our civilizing sea, as we sail in the footsteps of Ulysses, through the ‎verses of Ovid, the music of Ziryab, the paintbrush of Jacques-Louis David, the ceramics of ‎Picasso, and indulge in the pleasures of the UNESCO-listed Mediterranean Diet. In short: ‎tangible and intangible heritage of the Mediterranean region as you never experienced it ‎before

Who should attend?‎
Anyone with a passion for/an interest in the Mediterranean, its history, its culture and its ‎people. No academic/professional background whatsoever is required. ‎

Mohammed Elrazzaz holds an MA in Arts & Cultural Management from the Universitat ‎Internacional de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain). He is Professor of Tools for Cultural ‎Management (since 2010) and Mediterranean Heritage (since 2015) at the same university. ‎He participated as speaker in several international cultural conferences in Spain, Italy, ‎Denmark and Egypt. ‎

Course Fees:‎
EGP 300 / person. ‎
The fee includes handouts (reading material and briefs) and access to the PowerPoint ‎presentation (in pdf format). ‎
Voice and video recording not permitted.‎

Deadline for Reservation/Cancellation: ‎
‎7 December 2015 (or as soon as the course is fully booked)‎

Please contact me for any further enquiries and for reservations:‎ ‎

New Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

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