The Tomb of Ramses VI: Heaven Underground

Light years away from our daily sorrows and fears, there are unperceived moments which always last.

The most incredible tomb in Luxor’s famed Valley of the Kings is neither that of Tutankhamen nor that of Horemheb, but rather a tomb usurped by the XX dynasty pharaoh, Ramses VI.

An otherwise insignificant pharaoh, Ramses VI will always be remembered for this unearthly tomb where one comes face to face with one awe-inspiring corridor after another, all adorned with fantastic depictions of scenes from the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Day, Book of the Night, Book of the Caverns and Book of the Gates. Then comes the burial chamber with its unique astronomical ceiling showing the constellations, the decans and the daily journey of the solar disc through the body of the goddess Nut: the Netherworld was never so serene; the sky was never so vivid, even if it is a motionless starry sky. Is it any surprise we are made of star-stuff?

There were no other visitors; I had the place for myself. Alone in the burial chamber, I spent an eternity contemplating the celestial splendor at the heart of an underground tomb: a true theatre of heavenly delight, where the mortal and the divine are in perfect harmony, and where my light is the shadow of Ra’s might.

Ramses VI Tomb 1

Astronomical Ceiling of Ramses VI Tomb

Ramses VI Tomb 2

Panoramic View of Ramses VI Tomb

Ramses VI Tomb 4

Tomb of Ramses VI – 1

Ramses VI Tomb 5

Tomb of Ramses VI – 3

Ramses VI Tomb 3

Tomb of Ramses VI – 2

Sun sets over Luxor Temple

Sun sets over Luxor

Relief of Thutmose III at Luxor Museum

Thutmose III

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