The Top Ten Guitarists in the History of Rock?

You can never ‘get away’ with any such list, but still…I was chatting with a friend, and we had an argument about who should be on the list, so, I thought I would share my list here.
Away from the acrobatics of phenomenal yoyos like Michael Angelo Batio, Steve Via and Yungwie J Malmsteen, and ignoring overrated celebrities like Slash and Kirk Hammett, when I have to think of the top ten rock guitarists of all time, I find myself forced to ignore some of my own favorites like Mark Knoplfer (Dire Straits), Andrew Latimer (Camel) and Steve Rothery (Marillion), and to drop legends like Richie Blackmore (Deep Purple), Keith Richards (Rolling Stones), Randy Rhoads (Black Sabbath) and Chuck Berry, but what can we do? It’s a matter of taste (and influence).

My own list of the greatest rock guitarists would include the following (in no specific order). I am also adding links to some of their live performances so that you can listen to some of their best solos:

1- Jimi Hendrix
You can listen to his ‘Hey Joe’ at:

2- Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin)
You can listen to ‘Stairway to Heaven’ at:

3- BB King
You can listen to ‘The Thrill is Gone’ at:

4- George Harrison (The Beatles)
You can listen to…basically anything of his!

5- Eric Clapton
You can listen to his performance of ‘While my guitar gently weaps’ at:

6- Jeff Beck
You can listen to ‘Goodbye Pork Pie’ at:

7- David Gilmour (Pink Floyd)
You can listen to his solo from ‘Comfortably Numb’ during Pulse Concert:

8- Carlos Santana
You can listen to ‘Black Magic Woman’ at:

Now it gests difficult! I will leave the list at eight.
Did I mention personal taste? Well, I will add two incredible guitarists that are never listed among the top, but who cares? Here:

9- Andrew Latimer (Camel)
Listen to the heartbreaking solo at the end of ‘Stationary Traveler’ at:

10- Steve Rothery (Marillion)
Listen to his solo from ‘This Strange Engine’ at: