The World’s Top Plundered Artifacts

Plundered Art fills many museums around the world (and constitutes the core of countless private collections). Time Magazine once issued a list of the Top 10 Plundered Artifacts, but the list included such ‘non-art’ artifacts as the Skull of Geronimo! Moreover, the list included artifacts that were already repatriated (given back) to their countries of origin, like the Egyptian Frescos at the Louvre, the Euphronios Crater given back to Italy by the MET, etc.

When I think of the most important plundered artifacts, five artifacts come to my mind, and I placed them all in the slide hereunder. I did not include the artifacts looted from Iraq because –supposedly- efforts are underway to recover them. Have a good look, and try to figure out the names of the artifacts in the slide before scrolling down to read their names.

Plundered Art

Here are the answers:

1. The Elgin Marbles (Greek – Currently at the British Museum)
2. The Rosetta Stone (Egyptian – Currently at the British Museum)
3. The Benin Bronzes (Nigerian – Currently in several museums around the world)
4. Nefertiti’s Bust (Egyptian – Currently at the Egyptian Museum of Berlin)
5. Priam’s Treasure (Turkish – Currently at the Pushkin Museum in Moscow)

Obviously, you can add to the list!