Tertulia Gathering in Barcelona: Haiku Workshop and More (Dec 3rd)

Today I organized a tertulia gathering for my MA students at Els Quatre Gats, one of Barcelona’s most emblematic cafés, historically famous for hosting a vivid cultural life centred around tertulia, concerts and exhibitions. The idea was to revive the tertulia tradition and to share our creative artworks and talents. We also tried our hands and minds at writing some haiku verses.
Haiku is a short contemplative poem composed of 3 verses. It is a traditional form of Japanese poetry that was -supposedly- developed by a samurai master called Basho.
It must register a moment, sensation, or impression, and carry a sense of surprise. It’s like a snapshot capturing a certain moment in nature.
Simply: Haiku is a miracle of compression!

Here is a famous haiku:

A whale!
Down it goes, & more & more
Up goes its tail

Tertulia Gathering in Barcelona: Origami and More (Mar 5th)

Today I organized a tertulia session for my colleagues at Café de l’Opera, just across the street from El Liceu. The café, founded in 1876, has a belle-époque interior that inspires a fin-de-siècle ambiance; appreciated only by those who yearn for elegance.
Opera-goers used to hang around this place for a pre-performance aperitif or a post-performance drink & discussion about the performance.

Our event saw eleven people sharing a variety of creative artworks: dance videos, prose, traditional poetry, performance poetry and a little workshop on Japanese Origami.